Lazy Day

It’s been a pretty good day, really. I didn’t do a whole lot. I was lazy and laid about. I played a lot of video games. I’m currently getting hooked on Phantasy Star Online for the Game Cube. I know, I bought both the console and that game to do embedded Linux development and “home geek time.” But I figured, hey, why not get some good old fashioned game playing in at the same time. I just have to remind myself not to get addicted or something.

Of course, I never stay addicted to games long at all. I usually go nuts over them for about a week or two, and then I lose interest. It’s been over a decade since I played a game so religiously that I completely beat it. In fact, I think the last game I won straight through was the original Legend of Zelda. I wonder if I still have that game somewhere. I don’t even know where my NES console is.

But these days, things just don’t seem to hold my attention like that. I sometimes worry about that. Because it’s not just about games. I tend to be…easily distracted…about a lot of things. I sometimes wonder how well I can honestly commit to something. And that has me worried.

Though, to be honest, I do know that I can commit to things. After all, I’ve been committed to Mike. I mean, I’ve been with him for three years now, when some of my friends can’t understand why we’re taking things as slowly as we are. I have one friend who can’t understand how I can stick with someone who won’t even tell his family about me. That kind of commitment has to count for something, right?

Of course, that’s something that bugs me about some of my friends. A few of them seem to have a preconceived notion about what my relationship would be like. And they tend to make it well known at times. That gets very frustrating. No one likes to feel like they have to “defend” their relationships. It’s something I understand about Christy very well. She occasionally complains about how people criticize her relationship with Noah, and I don’t blame her. I feel the same way at times.

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