Give me a break!

I got to cassette 14 of “Wicked” only to find out that it had a manufacturing flaw (the tape was twisted during asembly). Nothing like getting to the last “chapter” of a book, only to find the “pages ripped out”!

I actually sat down and went through the entire tape from end to end, just to make sure that it wasn’t something that could be fixed by hand. It’s not. Either the tape needs to be cut and re-spliced, or the whole assembly needs to be taken apart and one of the spindles switched around.

So naturally, I went out to the publisher’s (Recorded Books, LLC) website, found a support number, and called, asking for a replacement. And was promptly told they couldn’t help me because I didn’t buy the stupid thing direct. No, I bought it at Barnes and Noble. So now, I have to run to Barnes and Noble (an hour away, no less), take the entire box back, and deal with them to try to get a full replacement. And of course, do you think I have the receipt? Of course not! I had no intention of returning it! It would’ve been so much easier if Recorded Books would’ve been so kind as to take care of the mess for me. But no, that would’ve been too accomodating of them. Thanks a lot! (Don’t be surprised if I start writing “Return to Sender” on the catalogs you mail me every month out of spite.)

Hopefully Barnes and Noble will exchange it for me without too much trouble…..*sigh*

Oh, and let me just say that the ribbons in cassettes are terribly staticy! The darn thing clung to everything while I was unwinding and rewinding it. You’d think that a piece of plastic covered in rust wouldn’t attract so much static…..

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