Getting Healthier

Tonight, I went for my walk. I’m actually doing really well at this again. I’m finding that four or five days a week seems makes for the perfect regimen. It’s comfortable. That was the problem I had with walking every day back in November. As time went on, I started feeling like I had to “force” my exercise. I think I overdid it and burned out. Whereas with this new pattern, I get two or three days off each week, which keeps me feeling good. I get both the exercise and the breaks I need.

I’m also thinking about modifying my schedule. I was originally planning on walking Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But the more I think about it, that really doesn’t make sense. It means that I’m walking four days in a row, taking a break, walking one day, and then taking another break. And let me tell you, those Friday through Monday benders are getting to me a bit, I think. I think it makes sense for me to take my break on Monday and then walk Tuesday and Wednesday. That way, I’m walking a maximum of three days in between breaks. I think I’ll find it more comfortable.

Now I just have to work out a more doable meditation schedule…

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