That is the number of words I have written, according to the unofficial, “lightweight” NaNoWriMo word counter. It’s funny, because the Word Count utility in MS Word gives me a number that’s about twenty words less. Oh well, I’m trying my best not to let the numbers get to me anyway.

Yes, I’ve decided to give my novel idea a try. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. I may decide to delete it all and call it a failure next week. But I’ve given it a start. And so far, I think it’s been a pretty good start. And I’m thinking that maybe I can get a basic “skeleton” worked out and then go back to it after all this madness is over. After all, I feel I really need to research a few issues a bit more (maybe get some feedback from more experienced people). But then I’ll at least have something to work with. Perhaps researching and rewriting will be easier than trying to do everything up front and then writing it all done. Only time will tell.

In other news, I went to Tinker Nature Park today. The World Wide Labyrinth Locator indicated they had a gravel and brick mideival labyrinth there, and it’s about ten miles down the road from me. So I decided to check it out. It was pretty good, though I think I’d prefer to walk a labyrinth that had actual walls rather than one that’s just laid out on a flat surface. I think the sense of beign physically enclosed would have added to the experience. But I guess we can’t be too picky, can we.

While there, I also checked out some other parts of the park. It actually looks like a pretty neat place. I may suggest that Dad and I check it out together next Spring or Summer when he’s up for an evening. I think he might enjoy the fitness trail. It seemed like a neat idea, and I’m considering doing it myself at some point. (We’ll have to wait and see.) And I still need to check out the nature walk and nature trail itself. Not to mention the homestead and farm museum. It’s quite a neat place. And to think, I’ve been living here for two months already and never realized all that was so close until today.

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