Fun at the Zoo

Saturday, I decided to go to the Seneca Park Zoo after doing a bit of shopping for things needed at the POC. It’s something I’ve been talking about doing “when it got warmer,” so I decided it was time to quit talking and just do it. I have to admit that i would’ve preferred to have gone whe there was someone to go with. But reason convinced me that waiting for an undetermined period of time — after all, I’m not sure when anyone would be available to go — was not the route to go. So I grabbed my wallet and ran off. And overall, I had a pretty good time.

I think one of my favorite parts was the polar bear exhibit. This is mainly because one of the polar bears decided to sun himself right out in the middle of the exhibit, giving everyone the perfect view of him. What a beautiful creature! I had to chuckle at the little boy beside me who asked his parents if the polar bear could come over by the fence we were standing at. The little tyke wasn’t old enough to understand that if the polar bear could do that, he’d probably be snack (or the appetizer for me, the main course). Of course, as tempted a I was, I didn’t try to explain this to the youngster. I figured I didn’t need his parents getting mad at me for traumatizing their child.

I also enjoyed watching the sea lions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sea lions swimming so close. They have the exhibit set up so that you can go into this viewing area that is under the level of the water, wich is quite nice. What really surprised me is when the sea lion came swimming right towards me. If the glass wall hadn’t been there, I swear he would’ve crashed right into me. Of course, that would’ve also meant I would’ve been underwater and having trouble not breathing, but that’s besides the point. But I think the thing that really amazed me about this was that this entire time, the darn sea lion was upside down! He was swimming on his back. I never knew they did that. It was fascinating to watch.

Of course, like a dummy, I forgot to grab my camera. So I don’t have any incredible pictures. This is a shame, since the darn thing was actually in my car the whole time. I’ll have to go back again some day soon and remember my camera this time.

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