Last Monday while shopping at OUTlandish Gifts, I bought a white tee shirt with “2QT2BSTR8” on the front of it. Today was the second day I’ve warn it. I have to admit that I’ve been enjoying people’s reactions. Surprisingly (at least to me), a lot of people have to ask what it means (“Too cute to be straight,” if anyone is wondering”). What’s really funny is to watch how people react once I tell them. I think the most memorable incident was today with the guy at the T Mobile kiosk. Once he found out, his expression really changed. I somewhat got the impression that he wanted to make a negative comment about it. However, he also seemed to be struggling with the knowledge that he was in a bad position to do so, considering (a) he had originally asked me to stop just so he could read the shirt and (b) he still had to ask me what it means. It’s kind of hard to complain about someone “flaunting” his sexuality when you’ve gone through so much effort to figure out that he’s “flaunting” it. 😉

I didn’t get the shirt with the intentions of making such political statements, though. While it’s true that I got it to make my sexual orientation more visible, I did it for personal and romantic reasons rather than political ones. Truth be told, I don’t feel I’m visible enough. And as I’d eventually like another chance at love without having to force myself to suffer through going to gay clubs, I need to find other ways to let the guys know I’m out there. Besides, I know from personal experience how difficult it is to even consider expressing interest in another guy if you’re not even sure if he’s gay (and how emotionally upsetting it is if you finally get up the courage to find out only to find ot he’s not). So I figure I’ll save any guy who’s interested in me that bit of trouble.

There’s another reason I got it, and this one is at least partly political. I got it as much for the part about being cute as I did for the part about being gay. In some ways, I’m currently at a point where I feel the need to express my own attractiveness despite not fitting some stereotype about what good looking guys are supposed to look like. So to me, wearing the shirt is about giving myself (and others) permission to think of me as “cute.”

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