A good evening

Tonight is one of those strange nights where my mood is undefinable. I’m sitting here at Equal Grounds again. It’s becoming my favorite post-meditation spot for Tuesday nights. I like being able to run over here and cap off my night with a nice snack, a good drink, and a pleasant atmosphere to seek out my muse in.

Before meditation, I managed to sneak in a forty five minute nap. I ran over to the POC immediately after work, eating a bite of supper on the drive. Once there, I let myself in, locked the doors, and camped out on one of the couches. I meant it to only be a twenty minute nap, but when I finally decided to get up and check the time, it was ten of seven. What’s more, Terry had just gotten there. I’m not sure how long Rob had been sitting outside, but he said hi to Terry as she approached from down the hallway.

Terry led the four of us in a nice meditation, incorporating both colors and the ocean waves. It was a nice experience, and I found myself flowing into the appropriate state of consciousness rather quickly. I did end up coming out of my meditative state a bit before the others, though. So I had to wait for the meditation to conclude. Then we sat around talking for a bit before we locked up.

I’m going to miss the space the POC has. Our lease is up as of Saturday, and we will have to look for other places to hold our events. I will especially miss that ability to get there early and either take a nap or work on my writing. The space has been good to us, but the money just isn’t there to keep it right now. So we’ll make do with what we have.

The music playing here today is rather jazzy. It’s pretty good, though not entirely my style. However, I will admit that it doesn’t keep my head from bobbing every now and then. Nor does it prevent my fingers from trying to type to a rhythm that compliments the percussion track of the current song. In many ways, it’s quite amusing.

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