Are you blind, woman?

I just had a knock at the door. I checked the peep hole, to see a woman in her forties or so. So I opened the door a crack and she went into her spiel:

“Hi. I’m Nancy. I’m with a local Christian organization that’s doing a seminar on prophecy. We’re going around letting everyone know about it and passing out literature.”

I politely told her, “Thanks, but I’m really not interested.”

“Oh really?” She sounded genuinely surprised. After I confirmed I wasn’t interested, she said a polite goodbye.

Now, here’s my thing. If she looked at my window, she’d notice (1) a pride sticker and (2) a sticker with a pentagram on it. Now call me crazy, but I’d think those would be a couple huge clues she’d be better of skipping my house.

And to think, I actually had to put on pants to answer the door!

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