Looking forward to a quiet night and pictures tomorrow

I’ve decided that tonight shall be my night to take my ease at home this week. I figure that with my father’s visit on Monday, meditation and writing on Tuesday, and game night last night, it’s time to take a step back and slow down. Especially since I’m planning on running all over half the city tomorrow evening.

Two weeks ago, when I started getting more active and spending less time sitting around the house, I quickly realized that it does me no good to go too far the other way. That week, I did something every night. As a result, I ended up feeling like I was dragging all weekend and into the following week. So I decided to start implementing a rule that while I plan on getting out more (especially when I can put myself into situations to socialize with others and meet new people), I will set aside at east one weeknight where I do nothing but relax at home. So when I finish this post, I will put a movie in the DVD player, curl up on the couch, and try to coax Precious into joining me. That will let me rest up for tomorrow evening’s madness.

Tomorrow after work, I plan on picking up Becky. I’ve asked her to take pictures for me. I need a few more pictures of myself for the website, most of them “specialty shots” for specific purposes. For example, we will be going to Equal Grounds so that she can get a picture of me there, typing away at my favorite table. Of course, the picture will be completely faked, as I don’t plan on doing any writing. Though hopefully we will manage to sit down long enough for an iced tea. Other pictures will include my favorite spot in Highland Park, and looking out over the Erie Canal just outside of Pittsford.

I actually called Becky about it today, because I realized when I asked her to play photographer Tuesday night, I forgot to mention that it’d involve a lot of traveling around the city. In token of thanks, I figure I’ll take her out to dinner, I suggested the Tandoor, which she seemed pleased with.

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