There are days I’d like to quit my job

I just finished and posted the latest chapter of Harald’s Story. Once again, it took me almost a month since I submitted the previous chapter. I’m not entirely thrilled about this, as I originally had hoped to post a minimum of one chapter per week. After all, I want to keep the momentum going with the story. Most importantly, I don’t want it to get away from me like Keylar’s story did. (I’m still rather upset with myself that I allowed myself to stop writing long enough that I can no longer pick up the trail of that one.)

Of course, in my defense, it’s not exactly like my pen (or keyboard, as may be more accurate) has been idle during all this time. I’ve been spending a good portion of my time this week working on my “coming out” story. In fact, I’ve posted at least one new section every day since 11 March (though I doubt I’ll keep that rate up indefinitely). In many ways, it’s just that this project is a bit more pressing in my mind than the adventures of Harald, no matter how worthy his story is to be told. So my sense of priorities have dictated that my time go to one while letting the other rest for a little bit. Add to that the fact that I’ve been sorting out some personal things as well, and you have even less time for Harald, though I’m hoping that will change soon.

Of course, working on multiple writing projects makes me realize one thing. I wish I didn’t have to keep my job to pay my bills. I’d much rather take that time and devote it all to my writing proects. But short of winning the lottery or marrying a billionaire, that doesn’t look likely.

I suppose I could try to find a way to make a living off of the writing projects. In some ways, that’s very tempting. But then, I look at the writing I do and I ask myself whether I really want to do it for money. After all, doing that sort of thing for money can complicate things in ways I’m not sure I’d like. (After all, working as a software enginee has certainly affected my passion for computers.)

And even if I did decide to go that route someday, it would have to be something I’d build up to. I couldn’t just hand in a resignation now and have the money I need tomorrow. I’d have to start building up a reputation to generate the funds from my work. So it’d still be some time before I could give up my current source of income.

So for now at least (and possibly forever), I’ll just have to accept that my writing projects will have to be done with the free time my day job allows me to have, just like every other aspect of my life.

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