Back to Boring Burgandy

This morning, I turned in the queermobile and picked up the keys to my more sensible Mercury Sable. I’m going to miss that little lavender ride, though I’m glad I don’t have to pay another day’s rental on it.

I first went to the mechanic’s shop to get the bad news. It was bad indeed, but my bank account didn’t die despite the fact that I bled it hard to pay my bill. The guy at the counter was quite sympathetic and commented on the fact that Ford vehicles seem to be notorious for having their struts and springs go bad pretty quickly.

I then took the time to move the half dozen items I needed for work from the queermobile over to my car before hopping back into the lavender delight to drive the final two blocks to its rightful owner. They quickly checked the car out and offered me a ride to wherever I needed to go. If the weather hadn’t been rainy, I would’ve turned them down and counted the two block trek on foot a good thing for my under-active body. But having a mild aversion to dampness, I graciously accepted the offer.

I believe the name of the young man (I’m guessing he’s in his early to mid twenties) who gave me a lift was Jeff. We had a pleasant enough conversation, and I realized just how witty and friendly I can be. And well, let’s just say that Jeff wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes. At any rate, we got to the mechanic and I hopped into my car to head on to work.

I must say that upon climbing into my car, my dreams of painting it lavender quickly died. My interior has way too much of a brown tint (it’s actually a shade of beige) to go well with that kind of exterior color. And considering that the seats are all leather, I refuse to redo the interior just to match the color. So for now, I’ll have to live with a burgandy car.

I’m going to miss that little PT Cruiser.

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