Closing the doors

This weekend, we cleaned out the POC office. Our lease expired at the end of March, and we chose not to renew. At this point, we simply don’t have the money to keep a permanent space. So it was time to close the doors, and start making other plans.

The POC isn’t going away, mind you. We still plan on maintining a presence on the web. Also, we will continue to have Meet and Greets on Wednesday nights. This Wednesday, we will be meeting at Jitters Cafe in their Southtown Plaza location. And tomorrow night’s meditation will be at the small park on Gregory Street, just off of South Avenue.

I’m hoping that the next several months will give us the opportunity to regroup, rebuild, and make new plans. Someday, we will probably try getting a permanent space of our own. But in the meantime, we need to work up on building up our resources, both financial and otherwise.

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