Qualities in a friend

Over at Zaadz, one of the recent questions posted was in regards to what we look for in friends. I thought I’d share my (partial) answer here as well.

One of the things that I look for in a firiend is an ability to inspire and challenge me. I like friends who have shown great creativity, great strength, great courage, and other similar qualities. Knowing such people and hearing about their experiences, struggles, and triumphs encourage me to continue to develop my on creative, strength, courage, and other such qualities.

Of course, this means that such a friend must also be sincere and a person of substance. It is possible to demonstrate such virtues and inspire them in me while being fake or shallow. This isn’t to say that they can’t be silly and have their moments of superficial joviality. After all, we all have to ?come up for air? every now and then. But there’s a difference between a moment of lightheartedness and living a life stuck in that kind of shallowness.

Being dependable is another desirable trait in my friends. I think it’s important to be independent and not being too demanding of my friends. But there are times when I do need a little help, and it’s important to me that my friends are ready to offer it when they can.

There are many more qualities I could list, but I figure this is a good start.

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