A Pleasant Weekend With the Parents

This weekend was absolutely fantastic. I managed to get out of work at 2:30 on Friday. I drove home, finished putting things in the car, and went to put Precious in her carrier. Unfortunately, she had figured out what was going on and had already hid under the guest bed. I actually had to tear the bed apart to get her — which stressed her out more. I’ve decided that in the future, I’m waiting at least an hour after I get home before I try to cage her for a trip. She was rather worked up the entire trip because of everything. And then she was moody towards Kisa when we got to my parents’ home.

The two cats didn’t get along the best this weekend, though they were both starting to mellow by Sunday afternoon. Of course, it doesn’t help that Precious is such a domineering bully and Kisa isn’t one fifth her size. Things were exacerbated on Friday night when Precious decided to divebomb the little runt. From then on, Kisa was afraid of Precious and would hiss and spit any time she came near. Of course, this didn’t keep the pipsqueak from being downright fascinated by Precious. Of course, the bigger cat had to remind Kisa who was the real boss whenever Kisa started to hiss and spit. I figure that when I go on retreat in August, things should be slightly better. By then, Kisa will be considerably larger and hopefully able to stand her ground better. Of course, I’m not sure if that will be an improvement or just a recipe for further confrontations.

On a side note, I have a one minute video of Kisa. I hope to eventually put it on YouTube. However, it’s currently huge (30MB) and I first need to see what I can to do shrink the file size. This should be interesting, as I’m no expert when it comes to video. In fact, I’m rather out of my element.

Friday night, I took my parents’ out to Chili’s. I don’t think I’ve taken them out to dinner since I moved up here to Rochester. That’s someowhat troubling to me, as I used to take them out regularly. In fact, while I lived at home, every birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day involved a dinner on me. So I figured I was well overdue. We had a great time, though the music was a bit loud for our tastes. Mom and Dad had never eaten at Chili’s before, and they felt their first experience was quite well. And I had a great time admiring our waiter’s aesthetic qualities.

Saturday, Mom and I wandered over to the Laurel Festival in Wellsboro. We wandered the craft fair and had a great time. I ended up picking up a gorgeous throw pillow with a black bear on it. I also picked up the Brat Queen a pillow filled with catnip, which she adores. (I figured it’d give her something besides the kitten to beat up on.) I also checked out a gorgeous stone fountain and a framed painting of a cougar sitting next to a cliff. I loved both items, but decided they each cost more than I was prepared to spend that day. (Besides, getting the car to that part of town to pick up the rather heavy fountain would’ve been a headache.)

Beyond that, I just had a pleasant visit with my parents. It was a fantastic weekend.

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