Notice to all future brides

When considering your bridal registries do not register with Kohl’s. If you do choose to register with them, please make sure you register with other stores as well. Failure to do so is liable to annoy your guests who prefer to do their gift shopping online for convenience.

Here’s the deal. My cousin, Melissa is getting married on October 6. Back in mid-July, I got the information on where she and her husband-to-be are registered. I noted that one of the stores she was registered at was Kohls, so I decided to browse their registry and buy them something from it. I picked out a lovely blanket and placed the order at the same time I ordered the wedding gift for James and Michelle. (They also had a Kohl’s registery, but chose to shop from their registry at Bed Bath and Beyond instead, thankfully.) I then patted myself on the back for getting all of my gift shopping done so early and proceeded to forget about the whole thing.

Well, today, I got an email from Kohls, politely informing me that my order had been cancelled. Over a month after I had placed the order. So I went from being prepared well ahead of schedule to needing to find a new gift. It was upsetting, but not a major catastrophe. After all, October 6 is still just three weeks or so away. So I went back to Kohl’s website (after all, it’s the only registry I’m aware of, other than their registry at Macy’s, an overpriced store I’d like to avoid doing business with if at all possible) and took another look at their registry. I scroll through the various items left and pick out a nice cuisinart they have listed. I add it to my new order and go to check out, only to be informed that the cuisinart isn’t available! (Then why is it still on people’s gift registries?!?!?!)

So now, I’m severely pissed and cursing the name of Kohls. It’s quite obvious to me that I will not be buying Melissa and her man a gift from this department store (nor will I be giving them any future business), but will instead have to find out from my mother where else they’ve registered (praying that Macy’s isn’t my only ohter option) and go through this whole process again.

I keep telling myself that at least I still have three weeks to order and receive a new gift. But damn it, you do not wait over a month before you tell a customer you can’t fulfill their order when you know it’s a bridal gift. Kohls should be run out of business for such incompetence.

2 thoughts on “Notice to all future brides”

  1. I have a suggestion if it’s not to late.
    Melissa & her betrothed probably don’t really need a cuisinart. Why not take the money you’d spend on that & contribute it to a charity in their name? Surely they’d appreciate that more then some electricity guzzling appliance, they prob. will only use twice. Or better yet find some homeless guy & write him a big fat check tell him it’s from melissa & what’s his name. Take a picture of him holding up the check. Give that to them. It will warm the cockles of their heart. I promise. 🙂

  2. Actually, I just ordered a new gift from another registry. It’s already been shipped an everything. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    And welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere!

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