Back up and running

After many emails with StartLogic, their technical support finally determined that two tables from my blog’s MySQL database up and disappeared. This means that my only option was to restore from a backup. Fortunately, I created a backup back when I was first having problems, but before the errant tables decided to run off together. This means that I was able to restore almost everything.

In fact, the only thing I ended up losing was two blog posts I posted during the window when everything seemed to be okay again. The good news about that is that they are both posts I also put up on Multiply. So I didn’t lose anything.

I apologize for how long it took to resolve the problems. I hope to be back up and running at full capacity soon.

Oh, and as a sidenote, apparently if you need to restore from an old backup of you MT database, you’re better off dropping all the tables from the database first. I skipped that step in my first attempt to do a restore and got nothing but grief as a result.

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