Comforting Words

Be still. Hold your center. Even in your pain and disappointment, breathe deeply. Relish the emotions. For even this dark side of love — yes, you can use that word — is of me. Without the bittersweet, the joyous ecstasy could not exist.

Your feelings are a part of you, but they are not the totality of you. You are bigger than them, and they cannot consume you. So let them be. Embrace them. Love them, for they flow out of your pure, beautiful soul.

You are hurting. This is the way of love, especially unrequited love. But it will pass in time, and more joyous aspects of love with assume their place for a season.

Do not stop loving. Continue to love those who do not return it — at least no in the way you’d like. They are still precious to you. Do not lose sight of that or you will lose yourself.

I am always with you. Love is always with you, for I am love, as are you. Be true to love, me, and yourself.

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