See you next year, IRS

gets_away_with_a_bundle.pngThis year, I decided to do something unusual for me.  I decided to file my tax returns early.  Normally, I’m the kind of guy who puts it off and forgets about it until April 12 (or later) and then rushes around to do get it done in the nick of time.

This year, I decided that there was really no point in waiting.  So as soon as I got my W-2 from my employer (and remembered to take it home), I installed this year’s copy of Tax Cut and got business over with.  Hopefully, that means that my refund will be deposited in my account in the next couple of weeks.

I’m a bit disappointed that my Federal refund isn’t bigger than it was.  As it is, it’s not quite enough to cover the annual membership I want to get at The Iron Butterfly.  However, it should cover enough of it that I can afford it overall.  And at least I owed the state less than $100.  I may have to look at my witholding informationa gain and see if I can get a refund from the state next year, too.

But the important thing is that it’s done and I can forget that the IRS exists for another year.

(The image in this post is public domain.  I found it through Public Domain Clipart.)

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