yo soy lo que quiero ser. yo soy una barbie girl

Image by alterna. of the best via Flickr

Is anyone besides me creeped out by the fact that the latest Barbie commercials are using Aqua‘s Barbie Girl song for the jingle?  I mean, if you listen closely to the lyrics, there’s a rather creepy and critical undertone to the song.  I just find it weird that Mattel would want encourage people to associate their toy with the song.

3 thoughts on “Curious”

  1. Actually, I hadn’t considered the pedophilia angle. I was just talking about how the song treats Barbie (and women in general) as playthings to be manipulated by others, especially men.

  2. In 1997, Mattel actually sued Aqua over that song, for trademark infringement, but it was dismissed. It was ruled that the song was protected as a parody. So VERY ironic; I guess Mattel decided if they couldn’t stop the song, they might as well capitalize on it.

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