Thirty-Nine Candles

There aren't nearly enough there for my cake.
There aren’t nearly enough there for my cake.

It’s official!  As of today, I am thirty-nine years old.  It’s hard to believe that I only have one more year before I’m forty.  Part of me still feels like I should be in my mid-twenties.  Part of me certainly wishes I was back in my mid-twenties.

Today, I will be enjoying another day off.  My friend Char is taking me out to lunch at the Golden Corral store that just opened up in our area.  After that, I hope to hang out with friends, work on my novel, and have dinner someplace nice.  A date — which would make the day absolutely perfect — doesn’t seem likely, but it’ll be a great day anyway.  I refuse to let it be anything different.

A few random facts about me, particularly related to my birthday.

1.  I was born at 3:10pm.

2.  For those into astrology, my sun sign is gemini, my moon sign is pisces, and my rising sign is libra.  Yes, the three “central” signs in my natal chart are also the three double signs.  As one friend once commented, I’m a crowd all by myself.

3.  The only planet in my whole chart that is in an earth sign is the planet Venus.  It’s in Taurus.  This actually explains a lot about me, mainly why I tend to be both touchy-feely and highly sensual.

4.  In the past, I’ve tended not to say anything about it being my birthday.  I didn’t want to draw attention to myself like that, as it seemed way too attention seeking.  This year, I decided to hell with that kind of thinking.  It’s my birthday.  I deserve some attention, and I’m going to seek it out and even demand it.

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