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Still alive and sharing a link

Hello all!

Man, I’ve been silent for months now.  In some ways, it’s a shame that I’ve allowed this blog to remain untouched after spending November and December working so hard to get a regular schedule going.  But alas, I felt it was necessary.  Trying to keep it going through January — when I was completely unmotivated due to memories bringing up personal emotional issues (I’m fine now, thanks for asking) would have been disastrous, I feel.  At that point, keeping the blog going started to feel like an obligation of drudgery rather than something of I enjoy.  So rather than totally kill my own love for my blog, I decided to take a break.

I hope to pick this blog back up again, so I appreciate anyone who is willing to keep it in their newsreaders or on their blogrolls.  I won’t make any promises of when or how frequently I will return right now, as my attentions have also been focused elsewhere.  During my absence here, I started a new blogging project, which I’m really getting into.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of that project, I’m required to do it under anonymity.  That means that I am unable to let you all know where or how to find it.  Sorry.

I’m also trying to get back into writing more, which means my Writing.Com portfolio is slowly starting to see some action.  (My apologies to the prudes and those just not interested in male-to-male sex, but most of the stuff I’m working on right now is sexual/erotic fiction.)  I also just updated my writing-specific blog over there with an entry about one advantage visual media has over the written word.  I encourage you to check it out, though I warn you that it relies heavily on spoilers to the movie The Sitter.

I hope you all are well. Drop me a comment and let me know what’s new with you.

I must be crazy

The other day, I decided to go looking for merchandise that had a particular saying on it.  Back when I was fresh out of college, I used to have a refrigerator magnet, but I have no idea where it is.  (I hid it when I moved back in with my parents, for obvious reasons.)  After a few unsuccessful searches, I decided to go to Zazzle.com and make my own button with the saying on it:

After I got done making it, I decided I might as well make it publicly available for others to buy, so I did.  I then made a shirt with the same saying.  And my latest insanity, creating products for sale on Zazzle.com, came into existence.

So far, all of my designs either have the above saying or another one on it.  My latest creation is a mug:

I even drew the masks myself!  And I have a few other ideas brewing for other sayings and designs.

I doubt I’ll ever make much off of my products.  I’ll count myself lucky if I sell a handful of each product.  But at least I’m having fun with the designs.