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Guest-blogging accomplished

This morning, my “signing off” post went up over at Confessions of a Former Conservative.  I won’t post an excerpt here, as there’s no notable text in my farewell and expression of gratitude.  I will, however, encourage any of my readers who don’t already check out CoaFC on a regular basis to go take a peak.  I left the community over there a little present.  😉

Guest-blogging over there has inspired me.  Beyond merely getting the creative juices flowing, it has inspired me to get more disciplined and serious about blogging here.  As such, I’m hoping to implement a few new practices in my blogging here:

1.  I will start trying to keep a regular blogging schedule.  I will try to post something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as a post on the weekend.  I figure four posts a week should be relatively doable.

2.  I will resist the urge to rapid-fire post entries when I get into one of my manic blogging moods.  Instead, I will save up extra posts and (providing the functionality actually works with my version of MT) schedule them to post over however many days.

3.  I will create a facebook page for this blog.  I’m finding that doing this seems to have helped FC a great deal.

So Friday, I should have something new up.  In fact, it’ll probably be a follow-up post relating to my guest-posts at CoaFC.

And in other good news, it turns out that another favorite blogger of mine is considering asking me to fill in for her when she goes on vacation.  It’d be rather cool if I get a rep for being a guest-blogger.  And if it keeps me going here, all the better.

Guest-blogging, Day Three

My final day of guest-blogging at Confessions of a Former Conservative is being met with My enemy’s pawn is still just a pawn to me.  Here’s the teaser:

Of course, I told myself that I didn’t hate these Pagan people. 
After all, they ultimately were not the enemy, and I was no Jack Chick. 
I understood that these poor peers of mine were mere dupes of Satan,
pawns of the enemy that were being used.  I didn’t hate them.  I did not
spew venom at them directly, but at their invisible masters, of whom
they were completely unaware.

Guest-blogging, Day Two

My stint over at Confessions of a Former Conservative continues with When losing your religion involves losing more than that.  Here’s a snippet to pique your curiosity:

Beyond that, you might have no sense of who you are, because everything
you based your identity on is now gone.  So in addition to not knowing
how to relate to anyone from your past or new friends you might make,
you find yourself trying to figure out what it means to be you all over