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Syracuse University Appoints New Pagan Chaplain

The Campus Chatter blog over at ABC news reports that Syracuse University has appointed Mary Hudson as Pagan chaplain for the campus.  This is a somewhat historic event, as the blogger explains:

That makes Hudson, 50, the second pagan chaplain appointed at a U.S.
college. The only other known school to have a pagan chaplain is the
University of Southern Maine.  Internationally there are a few in
Canada, Australia, and the UK.

I find this good news and take some comfort and pride that this appointment took place not only in my state of residence, but at a university a mere hour from me.  And it sounds like Hudson is ready to hit the ground running.

Hudson said education is her primary goal.  “This involves both
education of non-pagans as well as helping student pagans find their
spiritual path,” she added.  “That can mean something different to each

Both community education and helping students who are already on a Pagan path or are considering one are both noble goals.  I wish Ms. Hudson the best as she pursues both goals.

In addition, I’d like to applaud the Campus Chatter blogger for writing a thoroughly positive article, without falling into the trap of looking for “balanced” input from highly critical spokespeople from conservative Christians circles, a practice that Jason Pitzl-Waters has often noted is common among some journalists.