Hiatus Over

Well, I hadn’t originally planned on taking a short hiatus, but it appears that’s what happened. It was a matter that I got so busy the last few days, that I just didn’t take the time or find the energy to write an entry. Oh well, I think I needed the break, anyway.

I needed a break from life in general, I think. This afternoon, I took a two and a half hour nap and did hardly anything today. In fact, the only thing I did was go down to the park and go for my walk. I haven’t been doing that for over a month now. Well, not regularly, at least. I’ve been walking here and there at different times, but I need to work on my consistency again.

My sister and her kids are away for a couple of days. They decided to drive down to New Jersey today and spend a couple nights with a friend my sister made while she and her husband were stationed down there. That means that I got a relatively quiet house all day. So I don’t have to stay up until almost midnight to get two solid hours of peace and quiet before bedtime.

I’m finding I need that peace and quiet before I go to bed. It helps me to relax more, so I’m more ready to drift off to sleep. And anything that will help me drift off more easily is definitely a welcome change. I think that’s part of why I’m still cutting back on my television watching so much. Not having my brain inundated by television is more mentally calming too. Though I watched more television this week than the previous week. That’s partly because I decided to watch a couple of movies on DVD. I was in the mood to watch Blade Friday night (I didn’t get home in time to watch it on TNT from the beginning). But I couldn’t find my DVD. So I ended up watching The Matrix instead. Though now I’m going a little crazy wondering where that DVD got off to.

On Friday, I had to take my mother’s miniature schnauzer to the groomer. We got his shaved down. He looks funny, but I’m getting used to the look. Instead of looking like a giant dust mop with legs, he now looks like a real dog. He still needs to be trimmed up around the chin a bit, but the groomer said she was having problems with him because the sound of the clippers bothered him. But she’s sure that he’ll get used to it after a couple of groomings. The next one will be in six to eight months. Hopefully, getting it done will convince Mom that regular grooming will help the poor guy with his skin problems.

On Saturday, I went to see my friends Mike and Amber. I finally got to meet their little bundle of legs, fur, and teeth, Shamrock. He’s a twelve week old Italian Greyhound. And he’s absolutely adorable, but he’s a handful. He’s about the only dog I’ve met that is more hyper than my mother’s dog or my sister’s black lab mix. And unlike either of those dogs, Shamrock is flexible enough to still chew on you if you try to hold him with your hand on the underside of his neck. But I didn’t get any visible scratches, so it’s all good.