Sleepy Musings

I’m sitting here listening to Enya’s album, “The Memory of Trees.” I love this album, though I may have to switch to something more upbeat once I get through it. I’m feeling very sleepy for some reason, and I’m not quite ready to head off to bed. So soft music of an almost lullaby-like quality is a bad thing. I’ll have to replace it with something like one of Delirium’s albums. That usually keeps me awake.

Last night, I slept with Darien. Darien is the small, brown teddy bear that Mike gave me on the first Christmas we celebrated together. He’s such a cute bear, but a bit on the small side to cuddle with properly. He slips out of my oversized arms way too easily. It’s funny on those nights when I sleep with a stuffed animal. I suddenly feel like a little kid again. There’s a sense of vulnerability and youth. It’s a very strange thing to feel, really. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

Speaking of Mike, he’s absolutely exhausted from his trip to New Jersey. Not that this surprises me, mind you. He was up for a full 23 hours on Saturday. He and his family left their home at five in the morning, and he didn’t get back into bed until four on Sunday morning. Then the poor guy only slept until about 11:30 Sunday morning. Personally, I think the guy is way too committed to his amusement parks. He should think about getting a bit more commitment to a regular sleep schedule, if you ask me. But I suppose that if it makes him happy to do such things, that’s all that really matters.

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