Cute waiters and other minutia

Sunday, I ended up going over to the POC again. Originally, I figured I’d just stop by for a bit of “face time” and then leave after a few minutes. Well, as it turns out, I ended up staying for quite a while. They were sanding furniture to get it ready to be repainted. I’m not big on sanding and it’s certainly not one of my strong points, but I decided to stick around and help out a little. After all, it meant being social and hanging out with other people. I’ve wanted a lot of that lately. And it was fun.

After working, a group of us decided to go out to supper together. We went to Denny’s and had quite a good time. Of course, once again, I decided that I really wanted to skip the food and just take our server to go. His name was Jason. He must’ve been in his mid-twenties and let me just say that he was fine. Both of the women I was with agreed that my taste was impeccable. In fact, they pestered me about asking him for his phone number. I decided against it.

It was a tempting thought, if I could’ve ever gotten up the nerve to do it. I don’t know, I’m still too afraid of rejection to ask a perfect stranger for his phone number or if he’d like to go out sometime. Of course, I also just feel I’m not ready to date someone. I realized the other day that there are just some things about my self-perception I need to change. Otherwise, I run the risk of expecting any boyfriend I have to make up for those issues, and that’s not right. I’ll probably write more about that sometime.

At any rate, it was a good day.

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