Week in review

This past week was pretty uneventful, really. Well, up until Wednesday, at least. Wednesday, we got a pretty good storm that came through the area. The good news is that we didn’t get anything near the 20+ inches they were originally predicting on Tuesday. The bad news is that this meant that I didn’t get a snow day off from work. So that meant driving on messy roads with snow still falling from the sky. Granted, it was still better than back when I lived in Pennsylvania and drove all the way to Ithaca and back each day for work.

The only down side to the experience was that Wednesday was my day to be split between projects. That meant that when I got up in the morning, I had to clean my car off to drive to the customer’s site, only to clean my car off again at lunch time to drive over to my own office and finish out the day there. When I cleaned off my car in the evening night to drive home, I decided that was the last time, stocked up on anything I possibly thought I could need before morning, and locked myself in my house for the night. It was actually quite relieving.

Of course, when I came home, I noticed some kids climbing a snow bank accross the parking lot from my home. They appeared to be having a good time. It gave me quite the smile, and made me think of my nieces and nephews down in Mississippi. Poor Liam is begging for snow, it seems. So I called my sister and jokingly told her she needed to bring the kids up here for some winter play. She laughed and told me in no uncertain terms that I can’t even mention the idea to Liam or he’d be all packed.

In other news, I have a coffee date tomorrow. I won’t say much about it other than that I’m quite excited about it.

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