A sure sign I’ve grown old.

I’m sure I commented earlier on the youth of some of the people working for my current customer. I think I’ve even mentioned that I think they have a lot of co-ops from RIT working for them. Well, today, I think I met the youngest one of them all. Well, it’d be more accurate to say I saw him, as he was sitting in a meeting and I was passing by the conference room. I’m pretty sure he’s a co-op. But now, I find myself wondering if they take co-ops that are still in high school. He looked that young.

He had to be a college kid, and at least a junior at that. But man, he didn’t look it. That or everyone’s starting to look that young to me because I’m getting so old. I really may need that cane after all.

One thought on “A sure sign I’ve grown old.”

  1. I ran into this guy and his significant other in Walmart and he’s doing this really lazy backwards waving at me, which he did for awhile before I figured out he was waving at me. So I said “Hey,” and he responded and about 3 minutes later my mom showed up and asked me if I recognized Joel (Joe-el) and then I realized that we attended HS about the same time. Therefore, I am officially really old. The sad thing was I’d seen him a year ago and recognized him then.

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