Creativity abounds

The past thirty six hours or so have been very busy and creative for me. The astute person may have noticed a few new links on my sidebar. Basically, I decided that after almost three years, it was time to start doing something with the main Northern Grove site. I’ve left an “under construction” page up there for way too long.

I’ve decided to turn that site into a series of static pages with information that I’d like to keep readily accessible at all times. Currently, I’ve added a brief autobiography, a short explanation of how I came to write and why I do it, and the story of how Precious came to live with me. I’ll probaby add more pages as ideas come to me.

I’m also thinking about reviving One Pagan’s Heart. If I decide to go through with it, I will probably go through and edit all of the pages to match the design I use for this blog and the main site, which should be a bit of a challenge.

And of course, I’ll continue to update this blog. I’ve grown fond of it, especially over the past few days I’ve felt increased inspiration for things to write about. I must say, I love it when I get creative.

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