Making the Maiden Voyage

As I type this up, I’m sitting at a small table in Equal Grounds. My chai smoothie is almost gone. I’ve completed installing the software I want for writing and web development, and I’m just enjoying the atmosphere.

I’m also looking at the battery life meter. Man it’s going down fast. I’ve only been here forty five minutes and I’m already down to 75% power. I may have to look for a table near an electrical outlet in the future.

Already, I’m finding the change of pace, being online and doing my stuff in public, a pleasant one. In many ways, it reminds me of the comfort I found when I first starting writing at a table in Friendly’s. Now if I can just make the kind of friendships I eventually formed with the waitresses at that restaurant.

Equal Grounds has a large LCD screen at the one end of this back room. Currently, it has the image of a fire (like in a fireplace) palying across it. It gives the place a very cozy feeling. I’m facing in that direction, so as I’m typing, I can look up for a moment or two and get lost in the dance of the flames on the screen. It’s rather mesmerizing.

I don’t think I’ll get any real writing done here tonight. My mind just isn’t right to do it. And besides, I have to go to work early tomorrow. So in another twenty minutes or so, I will likely need to call it a night. But at least I can now do this, and I’m looking forward to repeating the experience.

Of course, I think I’d also like to do it during the day when there’s slightly more light.

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