Rainy days are nice

Despite being wet, today is a gorgeous day. The temperature is not only above freezing, but just warm enough to make wearing a light jacket comfortable. This is a good thing, as the steady rain calls for a vinyl jacket to keep myself dry. But the air is comfortable, just cool enough to remain invigorating.

The rain is a bit disappointing, however, as it interferes with my thoughts of going to one of the parks and walking around. I grimace at the thought of missing out on some much needed exercise. Checking the weather report, I take some comfort in the knowledge that tomorrow is supposed to be rain-free, if a little cloudy. Happily, the forecast is calling for even warmer temperatures tomorrow. So I set my plans for physical activity aside for the day and consider alternatives more fitting to the current conditions.

It’s the kind of day that makes me long for my parents’ home. It’s the kind of day where we might gather around the dining room table, talking or playing a game. It’s a peaceful scene, full of pleasant conversation and companionship. We might occasionally take a glance out the big picture window, watching the raindrops beat the ground. Despite the weather, I can imagine a squirrel or bird running about in the yard, looking for food. Whoever spots the soaked creature would likely point it out to the others, and we’d all share a moment of watching its antics before turning our attention back to our own activities in our dry haven.

The image in my mind shifts, and I see myself someplace with a fireplace. I sit in a chair next to it, either reading or working on my writing. The crackle of the fire offers background noise that is comforting and reassuring, as does the percussion of raindrops against a nearby window. Every few moments, I allow my thoughts to surface from the book or journal in front of me, listening to these sounds as my thoughts again settle and reorganize themselves. I might gaze into the fire as well, allowing the leaping flames to dance in my vision, suggesting images or patterns of thought. After a few moments of such reflection, I return to the pages before me, either to read what is written there or to fill them up with my own thoughts. And again, the day and my surroundings become the backdrop to the creative processes within.

As I said, even a rainy day can have its beauty. You just need to look at it in the right way.

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