IMS Festival 2007

Tonight, I attended the ImageMovementSound Festival 2007 presentation on the campus of RIT. Unfortunately, I missed the first twenty minutes of this hour and a half long show because I’d never been on the campus before. I got lost, and quickly burned the fifteen extra minutes I had allowed myself to find Ingle Auditorium. But I eventually made it to the right place and was able to view all but three or four of the pieces presented.

I’m not going to attempt an in-depth critique of the fesival or any of the pieces presented. People who know me are well aware that my grasp of such things is tenuous at best. As I told my friend when he asked me how I liked the festival afterwards, I’m sure that I failed to comprehend or appreciate more than half of what the contributors were trying to convey. As such, I will simply leave my analysis as a simple statement that I enjoyed it. After all, the experience was incredible.

I would say that based solely on my subjective emotional reactions, my favorite piece would have to be “E=Motion.” What I particularly liked about it was the two live dancers who performed on the stage as part of it. Their motions were fluid, and watching how they intereacted with one another, tumbling over an rolling across one another with each, was amazing. I can only imagine the amount of practice that both of them put in to perform such a routine.

For those who are in the area and did not get a chance to see IMS, I would like to point out that the festival will be putting in a stop at the Visual Studies Workshop auditorium on Sunday, April 15 at 8:00pm. So if you get the opportunity, reward yourself for getting your taxes filed by checking out the festival that night.

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