It’s been a rough week.

This has been a pretty rough week at work for me. I’ve spent most of it trying to reproduce a bug so that I can analyze and fix it. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, I haven’t been able to reproduce it. And of course, because this bug has been outstanding for quite a few weeks (I just recently inherited responsibility for it from another coworker, and have only been working on it for a week, personally), everyone’s chomping at the bit to get it fixed already. And I’ve made absolutely no progress on it — not for a lack of trying mind you.

And then, I’ve had other technical problems with my other tasks too. For those familiar with Murphy’s Law, I’ve officially joined the ranks of those who insist Murphy was an optimist. Let’s just say that enough things went wrong and my frustration levels got high enough that I very seriously considered leaving work this afternoon and calling in sick tomorrow. When I told Michele that, she blinked and said that was totally unlike me. Well, that’s how stressful things got.

Fortunately, after talking to my boss and then spending an hour or so with Michele and Belinda after work, my stress levels came right down. So with any luck, I’ll have a much better day tomorrow. Or at least I should be able to manage it better. Or so I’m hoping.

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