Quite a surprise

Today, I dcedided to play around with the information that Xinu Returns provided about my blog. I discovered that some search engines reported a link to my blog from this page. So naturally I decided to check it out. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a cut and paste of my blog entry about ritual nudity. (I reread that entry and still love it, by the way.)

I have to admit that I’m rather flattered that someone found something I wrote so worthwhile that they put it up on their site. It’s nice to get that kind of compliment. Of course, I also would’ve liked it if they had contacted me to ask permission. I would’ve gladly granted it to them. (Though I might’ve offered to polish the rough edges first, as I was writing informally for my blog rather than working on what I would consider a high quality article meant for publication).

And of course, I would’ve also told them how I’d like to be credited for it. Currently, the page gives no authorship information, though I will note they graciously included a link back to my original blog post. I’m thinking about contacting the site and asking them to add a note of authorship to the page.

The only other thing that bothers me is that it’s posted under the category of “Traditional Craft.” While I can certainly understand why they put it in that category, it does leave me concerned that someone might get the wrong idea — namely that I’m claiming to be a Traditional Witch of any kind. (At this time I’m not.) And I hate even implying (or having others imply on my behalf) that my occasional musings on such topics are in any sense authoritative. Because to be honest, they’re not. So I may also ask about having some sort of disclaimer added in addition to my name.

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