Looking forward to a movie

After seeing the previews for it, I’ve decided that I want to go see Beowulf on opening night, next Friday night. After checking out the movies official site, I learned that, as I had hoped, they are releasing it in IMAX theaters as well. In fact, they’re doing an IMAX 3D release. And it’s even playing at my local IMAX theater. This will make it my first IMAX movie experience.

I don’t normally go to see movies on opening night. I tend to like to avoid large crowds, which is hard to do if you attend the premier night of a well-advertised and much-anticipated movie. However, given the fact the subject matter is related to the mythical basis of my own spirituality and the fact that the previews look great, I’ve decided to make an exception this time around. So next Friday will find me in line at the IMAX theaters waiting for the Beowulf experience. I’ll consider it a special treat to myself.

Of course, I was also further motivated by the discovery that Neil Gaiman had his hand in the screenplay.

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