One More Day

Earlier this week, Adam tagged me with a meme. I decided to spend the week thinking about it. But now I’m ready to give it a whirl.

The Rules
1. Answer the question, If you could spend one more day with someone who would it be? Why? What would you want to talk to this person about? This can be someone you know or someone from history.

2. Tag as many as you want or as little as you want. Participate even if your are not tagged!!

3. (Optional) Include a link back to the original post if you were tagged with the person who tagged you. Invite others to comment back to the original post.

I think I would choose to spend one more day with my father’s mother, Grandma Harris. She passed away when I was still quite young, and all of my memories are from after she started chemotherapy and the rest of her battle with cancer.

I would spend the day with her in the kitchen, helping her bake. One of the things I do know about Grandma Harris is that she loved to bake. While we worked to turn out delicious goodies, I’d just spend the time talking to her and finding out more about what her life was like before I knew her. I’d find out things like what it was like to raise six children. Most particularly, I’d like to find out more about what my own father was like growing up. And I’d find out what kinds of things concerned her before her life was consumed by cancer.

Also, I’d ask her about my grandfather, who survived well into my twenties. But I have to believe that he was a much different man when they were together. The grandfather I knew was something of a bastard. He was old, cranky, and very bitter. But when I think of my sweet, caring grandmother, I have to believe he wasn’t always that way. I figure there had to be something which drew them together. (I often think my younger cousin was right when she so thoughtfully opined that the best part of Grandpa Harris died with Grandma.) So I would love to find out what their relationship was like, as well of what kind of man he was before he had to endure the failing health and inevitable death of his beloved wife.

I’m not going to specifically tag anyone, given the intensely personal nature of this meme. But I would invite any reader who is willing to take us for a stroll down memory lane to partake.

3 thoughts on “One More Day”

  1. What a coincident! I would love to spend a day with my maternal grandmother. I remember her baking bread all the time, but the thing I remember most was that she loved root beer soda, never swore, never drank and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She always had these little quirky (ha! there’s that word again!) sayings. I can’t remember any right off hand, but she used to laugh a lot and say funny stuff. I think that’s where me and my kids get the laughing fits from. 🙂 She lived with us and was treated very poorly by my dad. I won’t go into all that again.
    She passed away while I was in the hospital with an eye injury, I never got to go to her funeral. I always said, before I knew I was atheist, that she’s the only person I would want to see and be with in heaven. I can still hear her cracking up at something I had said and her saying, “ahhhh Tina!”
    Thanks for posting this Jarred, it was a fun thing to do, and brought back some good memories.

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