Leave it to me…..

Tonight, I went to Red Lobster with Michele, Belinda, Amy, and Michele’s younger daughter, Claire. We were served by a young man named Josiah.

Towards the end of our meal, one of the hostesses approached our table with a survey. She handed it to me and explained that it was regards to the meal I ordered, which is one of their new menu items. Someone (it might’ve been Michele) asked her if they had a comment card we could fill out in regards to Josiah. The young lady indicated that she didn’t, but asked us if we were happy with him.

As I was feeling quite good and a little adventurous, I decided to have a bit of fun with my reply. I smiled and said, “I’d say he’s a perfect ten. And he’s done his job pretty well, too.”

The hostess laughed for a second and then replied, “The irony is, he’s actually my boyfriend.” We all laughed, and Michele commented on both Josiah’s and the hostess’s good taste. Personally, I was inclined to admire the young lady’s ability to take the whole situation in stride. (She didn’t even hesitate or anything.)

Of course, wouldn’t it just figure? Only I could get adventurous and make some comment about a guy, only to discover I’m basically telling his girlfriend I’d like to take him home with me. Oy!

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