Musings on Old Acquaintances

This past weekend was a bit interesting. I received friend requests over on MySpace from a couple of people from around my old hometown. I have no idea who the one was, as he’s twelve years my junior. However, the other one was someone I graduated from high school with. Needless to say, I was quite surprised, especially when you consider we weren’t what I’d consider friends. Granted, we weren’t enemies, either. It’s more a case that we simply traveled in different circles.

Being contacted by people from my old hometown is always an awkard experience for me. I’m practically a completely different person now than the person who attended school all those years ago. And I’m never entirely sure how people will react to the changes.

Granted, I suspect that many would find the fact that I’m no longer Christian (or at least no longer a goody-two-shoes Christian bordering on self-righteousness) a pleasant change. I was very much a stick in the mud back then, and had no problems speaking up when the occasion to do so arose. So in that respect, I think many would take the fact that I “mellowed” as a good sign.

But all the same, we’re talking about a rather rural part of Pennsylvania. So I’m not always sure how well my being a witch or being gay will be received. Especially the latter, as I still recall some of the reactions to the idea someone might be gay when I was in high school. I think that could still make for an interesting and even tense conversation today.

Of course, I also have to admit that some of my concerns stem from an experience a few years ago when someone I went to college with contacted me after we hadn’t seen or spoken with each other in seven years. Basically, she came whirling into my life and flipped out when she discovered that I had developed a stronger set of boundaries in my relationships. (And we never got into my change in religion or my sexual orientation, which would’ve equally flipped her out.)

Reunions can be so unexpected and more than a little unnerving.

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