I think that it’s safe to say that my question and answer exercise has wound down. It was a fun exercise, and I’m almost sad to see that it’s already over. However, I’m hoping to try it again someday, perhaps in three to six months.

I actually did this exercise on three different blogs or diaries and got different questions and answers at each site. I decided that it might be fun to post a link to each of the resulting entries. So below, you will find a complete list, organized according to the blog or diary they appeared on.

The Musings of a Confused Man
Speak not of such things for the frighten me!
A rose by any other name?
The things kids discuss during class! (Content is somewhat mature.)
Spiritual Sexuality and Sexy Spirituality

Passions and Reflections
My biggest purchase
Sounding off about a clapping hand
How embarrassing!
As if I need any more changes!
Driving down the polytheism highway
Engendering differences
God-bothering etiquette
Okay, so some might think me a morbid god

Jarred’s Slice of Heaven
Plus it strikes me as a REAL mockery of marriage
Start spreading the news…
Happy bundle of sticks

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