Sore but happy!

Last night, I decided to go dancing at Tilt. I haven’t been dancing in over a year, so I thought it was time. I forgot just how much I enjoy it. I think I’m going to start going more often.

Of course, part of the reason I don’t go very often is that as of yet, I really don’t seem to have any friends who are into going dancing. This means going alone. As a shy guy and bonafide introvert, it’s always been intimidating to go by myself. But last night, I actually enjoyed it and didn’t mind the fact that I didn’t know anyone. So perhaps that’s changing.

Of course, the last time I went to Tilt, I also felt awkward because it seemed like a much younger crowd. With the exception of a few of us thirty-somethings (and one rather awesome older gentleman), everyone seemed to still be in college. I noticed, however, that there seemed to be a much better mix last night. Certainly there were still the college kids there (you know, the ones that make you feel like you need to ask for proof of age before you even dare talk to them), there were also a good number of us older folks too. So that made it a more comfortable atmosphere. I’m not sure if it was because I went a bit later this time or what, but it was a nice change.

I also have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when someone pinched my ass as they passed by me. It was a bit disappointing when I realized the “offending” culprit was a woman, however. But hey, for that moment, it was an exciting thought.

Of course, now I’m stiff and tired. But at least I had fun. I think I’ll be going again next Saturday night. In fact, I’m seriously going a couple times a month. I need that sort of thing.

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  1. I think we all need a dose of nightclub once in awhile. I know I do sometimes…and not so someone will pinch my ass, but just for the fun of it.

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