On Community and Wyrd

Thread of golden light and red fire weave throughout the universe. the connect, intertwine, merge, and separate. This complex web hold everything together, binding and supporting it.

This is the web of wyrd, that runs through everything. It is not static, but fluid and ever-changing. Threads shift and reweave themselves, changing the tapestry and the very universe.

The very universe changes itself in this way. And as a part of it, you are an agent of this constant change. Each action, each choice alters the fabric of the universe, reconfiguring and recreating it.

This is why community is so important. Every individual’s changes in the web radiate outward, affecting all. Being aware of this calls for consideration for all those around you who are affected.

More importantly, community allows for communal efforts in the weaving process. Building and strengthening community strengthens the strands that connect the community’s members. It creates bonds that strengthen the whole web. And such community bonds allow for a greater reweaving of the web.

One thought on “On Community and Wyrd”

  1. So now you have me wondering if my husband’s surname is derived from wyrd…I’ll have to check it out.

    Community weaving…I love that idea.

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