Afterthoughts from dancing

Tonight, I ran out to Tilt to spend an hour or so dancing.  A few random thoughts from the experience.

1.  Young people who expect to get into a nightclub when they’re too drunk to stand on their own are just silly.
2.  Friends who expect someone too drunk to stand on their own to wait in a car in 21 degree weather aren’t very good friends.  And that’s the nicest thing I can say about them.
3.  I love dancing.  I really need to remember that and go more often.
4.  It was nice to see Woody again.  It’s been over a year.
5.  It was nice to meet Woody’s rather cute friend.
6.  Apparently, I was rather obvious about #5.  I’d say “oops,” but I’m not sure I really care.  As long as I didn’t scare the poor guy away.

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