Hey Capital One!

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Guess what won’t be in my wallet much longer?  Your credit card!  I was approved for a credit card from my credit union with a slightly higher credit limit, no annual membership fee, and an APR that’s just over half what you charge.  So as soon as I get my nice little refund check from the federal government, I’ll be transferring my balance from your card over to the new one and telling you to take a hike.

I really have to thank you for not approving me when I requested a higher credit limit.  You pissed me off just enough that I started looking at other offers.  That eventually led me to check out what my credit union offered.  Had you not pissed me off, I never would’ve found such a great deal.

So you might want to keep that in mind in the future.  If someone who pays roughly three times the minimum payment every month, don’t automatically deny their request for a limit increase.  It doesn’t matter if their balance is consistently near or at their current limit.  They’re paying you more than they need to and you’re making a ton of money.  But soon, you won’t be making any money from me.

So thanks again for pissing me off, thereby motivating me to find a better deal.  What’s in my wallet?  Somebody else’s card!

One thought on “Hey Capital One!”

  1. Hell yeah! You should of posted a video saying so!
    I transferred another account to Citi at an interest rate of 11% because the other card,Bank of America was 19%. THEN Citi raised our interest rate to 19%, assholes. We want to pay off at least half of our credit card from Citi, it will lower our payments to about 100.00 a month. When it’s paid off I refuse to use it again, they raised my interest rate and denied me to have it lowered.

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