Post-Benefit Musings

benefit_flyer.jpgToday, we held the annual benefit fundraiser for the Park Avenue Dance Company.  This was my second year coordinating the fundraiser, which is a fancy way of saying I kept emailing everyone else and making sure they did the tasks assigned to them.  The benefit itself was fun and highly enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to it next year.  For now, i just want to make a few random observations, both personal and professional:

  • The way we handled the door worked out quite well this year.  Thing went smoother, and having greeters work in shifts proved effective.  There are a few areas where we can do some more fine tuning for next year, though.
  • We have the best bartender in the world for this event.  It’s great to have someone who is quite knowledgeable about wines and can offer recommendations.  And he’s a funny guy.
  • The new shoes were perfect.  While my feet are still a bit sore, they’re nothing like last year.
  • It’s the rare day when I get not one, but two opportunities to demonstrate a bit of machismo.  Fun!
  • A musician who is that cute and that talented should not be straight.  It’s just wrong!  </tantrum>
  • I’m glad I asked for the extra tables this year.  We were still close to full capacity.

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