I’m a guest-blogger!

While I’ve lapsed into silence here at my blog (something I hope to remedy soon), I’m spending a few times as a guest-blogger over at Confessions of a Former Conservative.  My first post there talks about fundamentalism as an all consuming identity.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

Granted, my story is probably not typical in the fact that not every fundamentalist gets as involved in leadership roles as I did.  However, the pattern of increasing involvement in church activities is pretty standard.  It may be another small group Bible study.  It may be some outreach ministry, like going door to door or handing out tracts for Halloween.  But it’s simply assumed that “church stuff” — a term used to great effect by Frank Paretti in his book, The Visitation — will continue to consume more of the fundamentalist’s life.

If you haven’t done so already, hop on over and read the rest.  And if you’re not a regular over there, be sure to check out the rest of FC’s blog.  He’s well worth the read.

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