Eugene Delgaudio inokes the courageous sacrifice of veterans to promote bigotry against other veterans

Several months ago, I foolishly filled out a “survey” about same-sex marriage put out by the Public Advocate of the United States.  I say it was foolishly and put the word “survey” in quotes because it seems to me that the real purpose of putting the questionnaire online was to gain email addresses of potential donors.  Since then, I have received frequent emails from founder Eugene Delgaudio telling me about the latest “homosexual menace” or “conservative traitor” along with a request for more money.

These letters are both infuriating and entertaining, as Delgaudio is the sort of professional anti-gay that has to give an incendiary name to every piece of pro-gay legislation that comes out.  It’s entertaining because his outrageous descriptions of anything that might make life better for QUILTBAG people are laughable.  The infuriating part is that apparently, people swallow his outrageous nonsense and send him money to “keep fighting the good fight.”[1]

Friday’s plea for support, however, was not amusing at all.  Since Friday was Veteran’s Day, Delgaudio chose to twist people’s sense of appreciation for the courage and sacrifice of members of our military into something horribly hateful towards QUILTBAG people — including QUILTBAG people who have themselves demonstrated their courage and offered their lives in the very military service Delgaudio speaks so highly of.

The U.S. Military has sacrificed so much for us, and our government repaid them with disgrace.

Now radical homosexuals are not only allowed to serve openly in uniform, but celebrated for their perversion.

What Delgaudio decries of disgraceful and perverse is the radical notion that some QUILTBAG people want to join the ranks of the veterans whose courage and sacrifice he just praised.  What Delgaudio finds disgraceful is that people — including our current presidents — has decided that if QUILTBAG people want to make that kind of courageous sacrifice for their country, we should let them.

Truth be told, Delgaudio doesn’t care about the courage and sacrifice of veterans, at least not nearly as much as he cares about oppressing and demonizing QUILTBAG people.  If he truly cared about our brave veterans, he would care about all of them, even the ones who aren’t straight or cisgendered.

And lest anyone think that Delgaudio is unique in caring more about a military person’s orientation than sir bravery and sacrifice, consider again the following video:

That’s right, some conservatives will thank you for your military service until they find out you’re gay.  Once they find that out, they’ll boo you.

And let me once more express my own gratitude for all our veterans and current members of the military, regardless of their orientation and gender identity.


[1]  Some days, I’m not sure whether I’m more sympathetic that they’re being swindled or more furious that they’re allowing themselves to be motivated by such hateful vitriol.

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