Another pleasant surprise

As if last night’s Mike wasn’t enough of a surprise for me, he’s gone and done it again tonight. I’m not sure how much more of this a guy can take. But I’d love to find out, that’s for sure. I got another text message from him talking about the second. He asked me if I had any ideas on what we should do. Now, I do have some ideas, but as most of them involve a private room, nudity, and some degree of sweating, I won’t write about them in depth. Besides, that’s not what this is about right now.

He mentioned a few of his ideas, which he wasn’t too sure about because of problems he’s having with his cars. He mentioned that he had considered going to the Syracuse Mall or touring some caverns about 100 miles away. When I read this, I was a bit shocked. He’s talking about day trips here! Considering that one of my biggest points of contention in the last year has been that the time we spend together is usually for rather short periods of time (four hours or less), this was a pleasant experience. It strikes me that he’s really trying to make some plans for some extended time this time around. And without recent prompting from me, no less.

I also like the fact that he specifically mentioned going to the Syracuse Mall. It’s something he’s talked about in the sense of “we should do that sometime” for the last couple years. So it’s quite nice to actually hear him talk about it with a definite date attached. Even if we can’t go this time because neither of our cars are up to the trip. It’s just nice to know that he’s thinking in more definite terms than “someday” now. It’s really doing my heart good.

I really wonder what caused this change. I’m enjoying it immensely. And who knows, maybe he’ll start being more assertive and aggressive in general now. I can only hope.

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