Christmas shopping and Health

It’s been a pretty good day. I went for my walk on my lunch break. That’s the second one for this week. I need to get one more in. I’m looking at Saturday for that. I figure I’ll give myself tomorrow off. Besides, I have to run out to lunch tomorrow. I figure I’ll need the extra time to stand in line at Subway.

While I was at the mall today, I picked up Mike’s Christmas present. I got him one of those “pictures in motion.” They’re a neat idea. Basically, they’re a picture of some scene with water in it. There is a light behind the picture and there is some sort of mechanism that causes the light to shift slightly. The net result is that the water looks like it’s actually flowing. The specific picture I got Mike has a watefall flowing into a pool. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully, he likes it. I think he will, because he was practically cooing over such “moving pictures” when we saw them at the Carousel Mall. So when I found the same place had a kiosk set up at the Pyramid Mall, it became a pretty obvious gift idea.

This evening I tested my blood sugar when I got home. It was 55. Needless to say, everything got dropped and I made a quick hunt for food. I ended up having yogurt, six cups of popcorn (the proper serving I’d normally have in the evening is three cups), and a quarter cup of dried pineapple — which had way too much sugar added. Frighteningly, though, when I tested my blood sugar again at 9:30 or so, it was still only up to a 78. This is just insane. I hope Dr. Lee changes my medications soon-ish.

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