I want to be petty and snide

Apparently, part of me wants to be nasty, caustic, and snide. Anything I see that I think is stupid, I just want to mock the person in some way. Two prime examples of this happened on a message board in a topic discussing witchcraft and magic.

First of all, a 14 year old Christian came in and made a pronouncement: “I rebuke the spirit of witchcraft and all other demonic things.” I rolled my eyes. Part of me wanted to make some smartass comment like, “Well, I rebuke the Spirit of Saint Louis. That wicked plane!” I figured I’d have to mention that the Spirit of Saint Louis was a plane because quite frankly, I get the impression that this kid wouldn’t have gotten the reference. And let’s face it, if you have to explain a smartass comment, it takes all the fun out of it. I suppose if I was more caustic, I could’ve taken more pleasure in the fact that the person I was mocking didn’t get my statements, but I guess I’m just not that advanced of an elitist bastard/intellectual snob.

The next person came in on the same thread. Her pronouncement? “I don’t believe witchcraft and magic is real.” To her, I simply wanted to do the online equivalent of giving her a patronizing pat on the head and saying, “That’s nice, now I trust you can find your way the to the exit on yourself.” I mean honestly, if you don’t believe in something, don’t enter into a conversation about it. Is this really that difficult of a concept to grasp? But then, I guess that such an action wouldn’t give them the opportunity to sound so smug.

But then, can I blame them for wanting to do that? I mean, aren’t I wanting to do the same thing with my own caustic rejoinders? So I surely don’t have the moral high ground from which to criticize. But screw the moral high ground, I say. At least here. This is my chance to express my annoyance.

I suppose that’s why I’m writing this here. It gives me a chance to give into a bit of base pettiness and give “silent voice” to my snide remarks in private while I maintain my poise in that conversation. Part of me finds this a bit two-faced, but another part of me finds this a right action. After all, I am only human. I’m bound to have my moments of weakness, where my less than stellar side rises to the need for expression. And is it not better to give it this more private voice where it at least somewhat contained?

I suppose some day, it would be nice to reach a point where such nonsense truly does not effect me. Then, even such a private expression of annoyance and invective would not be necessary. That would be ideal. But while I strive for that ideal, I think it best to give place to the less-than-ideal reality of my personality, and acknowledge it forthrightly. After all, this is better than repressing it until it builds and bursts out beyond my restraint.

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