A pleasantly spontaneous evening

Yesterday evening was rather pleasant. After getting out of work, I ended up running over to Psychic’s Thyme. Michele was on duty and I had hoped to spend a bit of time chatting with her. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, as she was busy actually doing readings. We were both disappointed, but glad she was getting the work, as it meant a little extra money for her.

Because both she and Lisa were pretty busy with readings, I ended up minding the store with George. This was good, as George actually had to leave at about twenty minutes before closing due to another commitment. So I spent my time keeping an eye on things and even spent a bit of time talking to one of the of the customers who was interested in getting a reading. I answered her questions about what readers worked the next few days and what services each one offered. She seemed like a pretty nice girl, and I get the impression she’ll be in on Saturday.

Michele had something of a family situation brewing, so she had to leave a few minutes early. So I stuck around a bit extra and helped make sure Lisa was okay before taking off myself. Once out of there, I decided to run to Applebee’s for dinner. While there, I read several pages in Witch in the Bedroom, a book I picked up about a month ago. So far, I’ve really enjoyed it. I plan on doing one of the exercises out of it this weekend. It’s the exercise about writing a vision letter, and I have all kinds of ideas for one running through my head. It should be an interesting experience, I think.

After I got done with dinner and reading, I decided to run to the mall for a short walk. I had originally planned on going back to Genesee Valley Park for a walk, but the threat of rain intimidated me. So I spent about a half hour wandering the halls and through various stores. It was enjoyable, and I even got treated to some pretty good eye candy. It wasn’t quite as pleasant as being out along the canal or watching shirtless college students playing softball, but I enjoyed myself well enough.

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  1. Added you to my links bar. Took me long enough!

    I’m kinda tired and probably not good company right now. I just realized how – uncool it might look, to post a link to a site so you can read about something sad.

    I’m the one that’s sad apparently. Sad because my social graces are failing me.

    Like I ever had any before! 🙂

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